2005 – the year the company was founded by Jordan Stefanov

2005-2008 – Keten starts to build a solid market position in core areas: small domestic appliances, cookware & kitchen utensils and glassware & tableware

2009 – Keten begins manufacturing products for Technopolis’ private private label label Sang. Other ventures YTD include: Crown (Zora), Neo (Technomarket), Hyundai (Densi), Pyramis (Pyramis), Benzer

2010 –The company introduces its own brands, Luigi Ferrero and Homa, to the market

2011 – Keten has partnered with 80% of the major key accounts in Bulgaria

2012 – First export of Luigi Ferrero: to France and Romania

2012-2019 – Distribution portfolio expansion: Brabantia, Tescoma, KAI, Rona, Nachtmann, Bohemia, Doogee

2013 – Introduction of Mühler to the market

2015 – Keten starts exhibiting at Ambiente in Frankfurt

2016-2018 – Keten launches Luigi Ferrero’s Atlanta (2016) and Norsk (2018) series; introduction to the market of Omnia (2016)

2018 – Keten starts exhibiting at PLMA in Amsterdam

2018 – Pilot loyalty program with Brabantia in Billa exceeds expectations

2019 – Launch of Rancore branded price-fighter LED TVs and Homa Smart TVs

2020 – Keten takes over the distribution of Diplomat Corporation’s MDA and SDA business (Diplomat, Termomax, Bravissimo)

2021 – Тhe creative of the vision and the conception of the marketing assets of Keten brands is entrusted to the graphic-design studio G-Works

2016-2022 – After 5 years of double-digit growth in 2022 Keten’s turnover is 3.5 times bigger than it was in 2016.